Which finance option for an SUV?

Which finance option for an SUV?

Hi Shane we are looking for new family car for ourselves and our new born so Mum and Dad in front and junior in the back. Was looking at SUV and you did recommend the Seat Ateca. We have a 06 Honda Civic(high mileage) and 08 golf Gt(low mileage) to trade in. Daily commute can be 100km-140km to work. So depending on what we get for trade in depends on what extra budget we have to spend. looking at all finance options but want to get a new car that is reliable and safe and economical to run. We are also looking at Octiva. Have not test drove any of them. Just looking for your input on both and your opinion and finance options. Thanks

Our answer:

Hi Keith,

On the finance front, just tread carefully and don't automatically go for the lowest payment PCP plan - that essentially locks you into buying another new car in three years' time that may not suit you, plus there's lots of small print in terms of car condition and mileage limits. A bank or credit union loan looks more expensive up front but can often be a better solution and you own the car outright from day one. 

As for the car, we'd heartily recommend the SEAT Ateca, as it's roomy, affordable, good to drive and pretty good looking too. Worth looking at the Nissan Qashqai, new Mazda CX-5 and Skoda Kodiaq too. 

Shane O'Donoghue

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