What are my rights on a used car?

What are my rights on a used car?

I've just purchased a Nissan qashqai 2010, only yesterday, from a garage, I've just noticed the windows are not working properly, the wipers are not working properly, I've been told by the seller it was serviced, the oil is black, he's ignoring my request to have these issues resolved, I'm wondering if you can help me with information about my rights,

Our answer:

Hi Christy,

What you can do about this depends on a number of factors. Was a warranty included with the car? Was the recent service mentioned in an advert that you can refer to? 

According to the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, if a trader sells a used car, it must be of 'merchantable quality' (of reasonable, acceptable quality given the age, cost and history), fit for the purpose intended and roadworthy and 'as described' in any advert or verbal description. Proving the latter might be tricky of course.

If the garage is a member of SIMI, there's a complaints procedure to consider. Either way, your first port of call should be the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission website.

Shane O'Donoghue

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