VRT on a Lexus IS 200?

VRT on a Lexus IS 200?

Just wondering has anyone VRT’d a Lexus is200 se in 2021? Is it safe to go by the VRT calculator coming in at 890€ including nox Thanks

Our answer:

Hi Jack,

You need to take those estimates on Revenue's site with a pinch of salt and instead do your own research and calculations. The rules changed in 2021, first of all on VRT, as the bands are now different and, depending on the year of the car you're bringing in, the CO2 rating could be 'uplifted' by Revenue. The VRT also depends massively on the Open Market Selling Price that Revenue puts on the car, and that will take into account the specification and any optional extras fitted. 

On top of all that, if it's coming from England, Scotland or Wales, then you'll also have to pay import duty and VAT, even if it's not a new or nearly-new car. 

Shane O'Donoghue

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