VRT on a 2015 Cayman?

VRT on a 2015 Cayman?

Hi Shane looking at Cayman 2015 3.4 gts. It's about 45000euros. Would u have any idea of VRT charge tnx tom

Our answer:

Hi Thomas,

Before I do that, I assume you know that, if the car is imported from England, Scotland or Wales, there are now significantly higher costs other than VRT, including import duty and VAT, even for older models such as that Cayman. If, however, you're bringing that car in from the North, and it was originally registered there, the costs are effectively the same, though the paperwork has changed.

With all that in mind, let's try to estimate the VRT for you. It's always a bit trickier to do that on a relatively rare car, as there aren't so many on sale here, so who knows what Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) Revenue will apply to it. That's the big unknown here, and you should take our estimate as nothing more than that. 

Let's say the OMSP is €65,000. Now, our data shows that the NEDC CO2 rating for the manual version is 211g/km. Revenue 'uplifts' that to an equivalent WLTP rating of 245g/km, so the VRT percentage is 37 per cent, the highest. Incidentally, though the PDK model emits less - 190g/km we believe - it still gets slapped with a 37 per cent VRT charge. So, with an OMSP of €65,000, the VRT would be a massive €24,050.

Oh, and don't forget that the NOx levy is on top of that...


Shane O'Donoghue

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