Thoughts on the Stonic?

Thoughts on the Stonic?

Hi I currently have a 142 Mitsubishi outlander diesel now thinking about downsizing as family is getting bigger and moving out. We like the idea of still having the advantage of being high up in the car we were looking at the kia stonic diesel model any pros or cons on these they look a nice car imo. Thanks

Our answer:

Hi Johnny,

The Stonic is a fine car, but I'm not convinced it's the right one for you. It's tiny in the back in comparison to the Outlander for a start, even allowing for the fact that you say you don't need the space any more. Also, it's really barely any taller than a supermini, so you'll feel like it's a small normal car in comparison to the Outlander.

My advice would be to go check it out for yourself, but if you want us to help recommend alternatives, let us know your budget and annual mileage.


Shane O'Donoghue

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