Thoughts on Kia Niro?

Thoughts on Kia Niro?

What do you think of Kia Niro 1.6 plug-in hybrid, 12000 km €27,950 - we are trading in Kadjar 1.5 39,700 km in very good condition. What kind of trade in to expect.. If we offer €4000 in cash with trade , what kind of deal would we get. Is the niro a good trade if it’s mostly used local to dundrum. How many electric Kim’s can we expect to get. Thank you, Regards, Ben

Our answer:

Hi Ben,

The Niro plug-in hybrid is a good car. We found it to be efficient, even when not plugged in regularly to make the most of its battery power. The range you get on that will vary depending on where you drive the car most, how fast, how full it is, etc. In and around an urban area, we'd expect most drivers to get between 40- and 50 kilometres on a charge.

The cabin of the Niro is spacious enough, and well-equipped, but the boot is much smaller than the Kadjar's, so watch out for that. 

Hard for us to say what deal will be done, as that comes down so much to the individual seller and how much they think your car is worth. With the information you've given us, we'd not be confident enough to give you an estimate. 

Shane O'Donoghue

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