Tax on a 2016 Defender commercial?

Tax on a 2016 Defender commercial?

I have a 2016 land rover defender commercial 110 in Northern Ireland and want to bring it south but can’t find how much the road tax is for a commercial vehicle for personal use , I know it’s gonna be expensive along with insurance.

Our answer:

Hi Richie,

Bizarrely, despite the tax law changing to a CO2-based system in 2008, commercial vehicles used privately do not go on the current system but the old one, based on engine capacity. So as your Landie ran a 2,198cc turbodiesel at the end of its life, you’re looking at an annual tax bill of €951. This is something of a result for you, because if it went on the CO2 output of 295g/km, you’d be looking at €2,350 every year instead.

Shane O'Donoghue

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