Stop-start issues with my Qashqai...

Stop-start issues with my Qashqai...

Thanks for that.. It doesn't turn over it does notthing. Just the auto stop keeps flashing and saying fault.. Ye could keep trying it and notthing.. And then try 10 mind later and it will start 1st time.. I read ón líne battery draining but its a new 1.i had a dashcam hard wired at Xmas. Would that be draining battery and then de activating the auto stop function.. Thanks..

Our answer:

Hi William,

Clearly the battery isn't draining completely if it does eventually work fine, but perhaps you are right - perhaps the aftermarket dashcam is draining it. It might be worth bringing it back to the company that fitted it, or get a good auto-electrician to check the car over.

Shane O'Donoghue

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