Should I keep this Lacetti?

Should I keep this Lacetti?

2005 1.4L Chevrolet Lacetti, 227 K km (142 K miles), was going fine but airbag light came on, I think the clockspring wires are gone as the wheel audio switches stopped working at same time. Various diagnostic scanners don't pick up the airbag module so I possibly can't reset the fault if I get the clockspring fixed. Only other defect is a minor crack in the exhaust manifold that has gone past several NCT with some exhaust paste. I'm undecided about whether to spend money on a probably hard to fix electrical fault or call it a day and get something younger. Any thoughts?

Our answer:

Hi Pat,

While you might be right about the airbag issue, we'd suggest that it shouldn't be driven any further until that is resolved. And, if it's likely to be expensive and/or difficult it could well be time to move on. Only you can make that decision.

Shane O'Donoghue

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