Should I go petrol or diesel?

Should I go petrol or diesel?

I drive around 16,000km a year. I do quite a bit of distance driving - but it’s not consistent. Some months I might only be driving around town all the time. Should I get a diesel or petrol car? Would 18,000km be too much for a petrol? Does engine size matter? I’m afraid if I go for a 1.4 Litre petrol car I’ll be filling it non-stop on longer journies..

Our answer:

Hi Steven,

I'd suggest that petrol - or hybrid - would suit your needs well so long as you choose an efficient petrol car. The engine size alone isn't a good measure of that nowadays as the car makers all take different routes so look up the official fuel economy figures. While few cars can attain those, they make for a good comparison from one car to another. And in terms of filling up regularly, you do find that smaller cars generally get small fuel tanks, so even if they're efficient, you still need to fill them up a lot. In your search, look up fuel tank size for any car you're interested in as well.

Shane O'Donoghue

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