Rough price for 191 Hyundai i30?

Rough price for 191 Hyundai i30?

Hi i have a 191 Hyundai i30 deluxe Plus with 25000km on it and i was wondering about a rough price for it. i am looking to trade it in at end of year for a 211 i30 of the same type and i am trying to see how much roughly its going to cost me to do so thanks

Our answer:

Hi Sinead,

Your i30 should be worth between €19,000 and €20,000 as it is, so that should help you work out how much you’re going to need to trade up. Bear in mind trade-in values will be a few thousand Euro beneath these figures; expect more like €15,000-€17,500.

Shane O'Donoghue

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