Need to fit three child seats in the back...

Need to fit three child seats in the back...

Hi we have just had a third child, 3 under 3 and a half and are looking for suv to fit the 3 baby seats in the back seat without having to use the 2 extra seats in the back. Currently we have Hyundai i40 and test driven a Santa Fe but unfortunately it won’t fit the 3 seats in the back together, just looking for any advice on this matter Thanks

Our answer:

Hi Irene,

This is a common problem with what are ostensibly family cars – strangely, they cannot take three child seats abreast across the back seat. Try the Skoda Kodiaq and Volvo XC90, but be aware that these don’t have three ISOFIX fittings across the second row; so you’re back to putting one of your children in the third row of a seven-seater.

The biggest in terms of interior space and with three ISOFIX fittings across the middle row is the Audi Q7 Mk2, but it’s not a cheap vehicle…

Shane O'Donoghue

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