Looking for a car for my daughter...

Looking for a car for my daughter...

Hi I'm looking to get my daughter her first car . She is 21and I'm looking for recommendation from you about what would be a good safe car that would not be high for her insurance so a 1ltr or so. I'm looking at between a 131 and 161 age group. Also what is the difference in insurance a 1.2ltr Ford fiesta or a Ford focus 1.2ltr.

Our answer:

Hi John,

It's very difficult to predict what an insurance policy price will be, so we'd recommend ringing around and getting an idea based on different cars. If the Focus and Fiesta are the same age, then the Focus should be worth more and will therefore cost more to insure.

In very general terms, aim for the smallest engine size possible for insurance purposes and then the most modern car you can afford to get all the latest safety systems. There's a massive difference in price between 131 and 161 cars. Check out the safety ratings of any car you are interested in at Euro NCAP.

If you come back to us with your budget then we would be happy to make a few suggestions.

Shane O'Donoghue

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