Is this Volvo deal a good one?

Is this Volvo deal a good one?

Hi Had a 2020 v60 r design 150 out for a run today ex demo the garage is offering me €12700 for my 2014 v60 r with 123,000 mils should I deal ? As my car needs work and new tyres .. work and tyres total €560 here us the email I got from the garage As promised see below figures for Demo Model V60 R Design, This car is €7k less compared to new so a very good saving and no mileage on the Car, Retail Price € 46,500 Trade NOV 2020 € 12,250 Cost before settlement € 34,250 *Settlement € 9,871.91

Our answer:

Hi Pauric,

This sounds like a good deal – as there was never a V60 R, we are assuming your trade-in vehicle is an R-Design model, so an offer of €12,700 for its age and mileage seems generous. If you like the new one and there’s a substantial discount for its demo status, then if you can afford this deal you should go for it.

Shane O'Donoghue

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