Is the 2011 Mazda6 a good buy?

Is the 2011 Mazda6 a good buy?

Is 2011 Mazda 6 2.2d 129ps Sport with 180k km on clock from 1st owner and full service history for €4500 good choice. Im confused now as some of your advices say to stay away from this model and some say that 2.2diesel is best choice amd Mazda is very reliable car.

Our answer:

Hi Martin,

Mazda has a good reputation for reliability, and we used to recommend the 6 highly, but in recent years we discovered that there is a significant problem with the timing chain on that 2.2 engine. It stretches and causes all kinds of problems, and it's expensive to fix. I wouldn't take the risk myself.

Shane O'Donoghue

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