Is our Corsa's temp ok?

Is our Corsa's temp ok?

We have a 2010 opel corsa d. The eaterpump amd thermostat was recently replaced ater one of th failed. We were told about the hidden menu where we can monitor the temo but we cant find anyone that can tell us what is the normal operating temp for the car? At what temp does it start overheating? Normal operating temp seems to be 107/108 goes up to 113 before coming doen again. Is this normal?

Our answer:

Hi Louis,

We would expect 90-110 degrees C, so your car might be running a little hot, but then again, is that temperature gauge accurate? If the car is running fine and the temperature warning light does not come on, we would not worry massively. If you have any doubts, bring the car back to the garage where the work was done and discuss it with them.

Shane O'Donoghue

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