Import costs for 2015 Panamera?

Import costs for 2015 Panamera?

Hi I'm trying to get calculate the cost of 2015 Porsche Panamera 3 ltr diesel valued at £36000 , any help appreciated thanks.

Our answer:

Hi Peter,

I assume you mean you're trying to calculate the import costs.

First up, the price of the car in the UK is of little relevance. Revenue will decide on what it thinks is the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) here in Ireland and though you can appeal it, you can't do that until after you've paid all the taxes...

That OMSP is key to calculating all your costs, but with a relatively rare car such as the Panamera, it's not an easy thing to take a guess at. For the sake of our calculations, let's say it's €60,000.

Next up we need the CO2 rating. I believe it's 169g/km on the old NEDC system. Revenue has a formula to 'uplift' that to an equivalent WLTP figure, which means it rises to 205g/km for taxation purposes.

That means a VRT rate of 41 per cent. At an OMSP, that's €24,600.

On top of that will be the NOx levy, which maxes out at €4,850 for a diesel-engined car being imported. 

And, if you're bringing it from Scotland, England or Wales (but not Northern Ireland), you'll also likely be liable to pay import duty.

Shane O'Donoghue

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