I'm changing my Clio's belt...

I'm changing my Clio's belt...

Is there a keyway on the crankshaft pulley on my 2015 Clio 1.2 petrol , Amy special tools needed to change timing Belt, Thanks

Our answer:

Hi Michael,

There is a keyway on the crank pulley as far as I know, yes. Special tools required include an auxiliary drive belt tension gauge (though I suspect you could do without that if you are know what you're doing), a flywheel locking tool (again, there are ways to do that without the special tool) and a flywheel timing pin (many people mark everything up before removing the belt rather than using special tools such as this).

I would gently suggest that a timing belt change should not be undertaken by someone that has no experience of such things, as there's a lot to go wrong, potentially leading to catastrophic engine damage.


Shane O'Donoghue

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