I have €25,000 to spend on a used exec.

I have €25,000 to spend on a used exec.

I have €25k to spend had company Audi A6 but am changing job with car allowance, I would like to buy executive used car eg 5 series Audi A6 etc. what would you addvise

Our answer:

Hi Padraic,

That kind of budget will get you into a prestige saloon from around 2012-2014, with a possible few 2015 models if you shop around a bit or are prepared to compromise on some equipment bits and pieces to get a slightly younger car. Obviously, the A6 and the 5 Series are going to be top of the list, and of the two, we’d probably go with the Audi, assuming you’re not bored of your current car. It has a slight reliability advantage over the 5 Series, which is what swings it. That said, the 5 is awesomely good to drive, but just make sure you buy an approved used BMW dealer car with the two-year warranty. A Mercedes-Benz E-Class is also a great option, and it’s more comfortable than either of the other two. The 2.1 diesel engine is noisy though, and the cabin a touch plain. Beware of ex-taxis too. Jaguar’s XF makes a great choice, especially with the higher power 2.2 diesel and build quality and reliability are easily the equal of the Germans. One final option is to come down a size and get a Lexus IS 300h, and there are lots of those around in your piece range. It’s smaller, but you’re future-proofing yourself with the hybrid and the Lexus build quality and reliability are on another level altogether. 

Shane O'Donoghue

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