How much would VRT on a 2009 Cayman be?

How much would VRT on a 2009 Cayman be?

How much is the vrt on a c Porsche cayman s 09 69000 miles price is 16,500 sterling please

Our answer:

Hi James,

We can help you estimate it for sure, but it's not easy to do that for a relatively niche car such as that, as the calculation depends massively on what Revenue believes the car to be worth in Ireland. That's called the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) and it's effectively irrelevant what you pay for the car in the UK for this calculation.

Let's assume Revenue says the OMSP is say €30,000. 

The CO2 emissions of the Cayman S put it into the top band for VRT, which is charged at 41 per cent, to the VRT is 41 per cent of €30,000 - i.e. €12,300.

As you can see, that VRT figure depends largely on the OMSP.

Shane O'Donoghue

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