How much to tax a 182 Land Cruiser?

How much to tax a 182 Land Cruiser?

How much is the motor tax on a 182 five seaterToyota Land Cruise

Our answer:

Hi John,

If it's registered as a commercial and you are using it for business use only then it's the flat rate of €333 per annum. If it was registered as a commercial from new and now it's to be used privately, the motor tax rate depends on engine size. For the 2.8-litre model, that would mean a tax bill of €1,391.

Conversely, if it was registered as a passenger car from the start, its rate depends on its CO2 emissions. I believe it would emit in the region of 197g/km (it will vary depending on version), which means an annual motor tax bill of €790. If it goes over the 200g/km, that'll jump to €1,250.

Shane O'Donoghue

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