How much is my Golf worth?

How much is my Golf worth?

Hey how much would I get for a 2010 golf tsi trade in ? 1.2 petrol 100000km

Our answer:

Hi Rachel,

Predicting trade-in values is far from an exact science at the best of times, but in recent months we've also seen a strange increase in the value of used cars due to the knock-on effects of a lack of supply of new cars and a reduction in the number of used cars being imported from the UK. All we can do is give you a rough approximation, but in truth, the value you are offered will vary from dealer to dealer as it will depend on how badly they want to sell you a car and how much they do/don't want to have to resell your used car.

It's likely that your car would be advertised for sale at around the €6,000 mark, so expect a trade-in offer over €4,000. 

Shane O'Donoghue

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