Does this Polo sound ok?

Does this Polo sound ok?

Hi thanks for getting back to me on 162 vw polo 1.4tdi timming belt,is 118000 km too high on this car, it has a full service history and have negotiated the price at 9700 euro ,are they reliable or do they give trouble,did a history check and everything seems fine.thanks robert

Our answer:

Hi Robert,

That mileage is not at all high. In fact, it's a good thing that the car has been used, as diesel engines don't react well to a life of low mileage, with things like their DPF and other expensive components clogging up. Please only buy this car if you need it for regular motorway or long-distance driving.

In general, that car should be quite reliable, though it is known to develop several annoying electrical gremlins, so make sure you test everything. That especially applies to the air conditioning, which would be expensive to fix. It's no worse than most superminis of its age.

Shane O'Donoghue

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