Does the glass differ in a RAV4?

Does the glass differ in a RAV4?

is it normal to have samisafe glass on windscreen of rav 4 and temperlite glass in all other windows. Please advise

Our answer:

Hi Yvonne,

We asked Toyota about this one and it seems to be perfectly normal. Here's what our contact said:

"Short answer – yes that’s totally normal to have different glass on windscreen versus the other windows.

The tempered glass can endure a very high impact without breakage. If it’s broken by an extremely strong impact, it will break into small obtuse angles, but won’t harm humans.

The front windscreen is Lamisafe – so laminated - and offers higher safety functions. It offers higher strength when the laminated glass is broken by extreme impact, and also the broken pieces of glass will still glue together."

Shane O'Donoghue

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