Coolant system issue with my A3...

Coolant system issue with my A3...

Audi a3 2014. Silica bag in coolant tank has burst leaking beads into heating system. This is a known problem in Audi, Vw, etc. looks like I will need to replace radiator, water tank, and more. Should this be covered under goodwill as it is a known issue….no idea why they put these bags in

Our answer:

Hi Joyce,

If you've had your car serviced with an Audi dealer then you might get somewhere on this, but it is well out of warranty, so don't bank on it, regardless of this being a well-known issue. The material in the bags is designed to prolong the life of the coolant so car owners don't have to replace the coolant itself as often. 

It might be worth giving Audi Ireland's 'Customer Care' team a call on 1800 813 760 to see if they can help.

Shane O'Donoghue

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