Can a Yeti tow a horse box?

Can a Yeti tow a horse box?

Will a two litre Skoda yeti 170hp pull a horse trailer

Our answer:

Hi Martina,

The towing capacity of the Yeti varies considerably depending on specification, year and whether it has 4x4 or not. Nearly all the diesels can tow up to 750kg if the trailer has no brakes of its own, but I'm assuming that most horse boxes do feature braking. The best of the Yetis can tow up to 2,100kg if the trailer has brakes, but you'll need to check the rated towing capacity of the specific version you are looking at, as some can only manage 1,200kg.

Once you've determined that about the car, then it's a case of working out the weight of the trailer plus horse(s), as that varies considerably as well.

Shane O'Donoghue

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