Audi A5 or BMW 330i?

Audi A5 or BMW 330i?

Which is the best buy long term, The BMW 330i M Sport or the Audi A5 TSI S/Line or a diesel version of either giving that the future is in electric cars, opinion please on long term best option and present

Our answer:

Hi Jim,

Well, the rule on whether you need petrol or diesel depends on your annual mileage – do you do considerably more than 20,000km per annum on free-flowing roads at decent speeds? If so, buy a diesel; if not, go for petrol. Frankly, if you’re talking a new or nearly new purchase of these BMW or Audi models, you’re not going to be punished in the short-term for purchasing a diesel as they’ll be the latest, emissions-compliant engines. As to which is best, how long is a piece of string?! Both the 330i and the A5 TFSI are very impressive vehicles and which you prefer will come down to personal preference entirely. We’d just lean towards the Audi but the BMW remains an excellent vehicle. As to the long-term implications of buying a combustion-engined car with electric vehicles on the horizon, no one can predict the future but we can say that, right now, the infrastructure to support the latest, superb electric cars is not up to the same level. So you’re fine sticking with petrol or diesel for another few years yet, we believe.

Shane O'Donoghue

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