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Question: Which small car with a rear camera is best?

Hi, I'm going to be changing my car soon and I'd like you opinion on what's the best 'small' car that comes with a reversing camera, the car I have at the moment is a 7 seater and I have got used to having a reversing camera. Thanks a million

09.07.2017 | Category: general


Hi Michelle,

Most small cars can now be specced with a reversing camera, but for almost all it's a cost option. Try a Toyota Yaris for a start, with the seven-inch Toyota Touch screen and camera. Great car (reliable, comfy, roomy) and the camera's good too. The new SEAT Ibiza can also be fitted with a camera system and it's possibly the best small car in its class right now. 

Answered by Shane O' Donoghue | 12.07.2017 | Category: general