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Audi TT Review

Question: Too many owners on this Audi TT?

Is three owners in 6 years since new, a lot for an Audi TT 2lt Diesel Quatro

18.07.2017 | Category: Used cars


Hi Andrew,

Yes, it is a bit. Now, there could be some reasonable explanations. It could be a pre-registered car, which means that one of the names is just the dealer that registered it and then sold it at a discount, which makes two owners in six years, which is pretty much fine. Or it could be that the three people who owned it found that it was just too impractical and moved it on fast. Or it could be that it's a bad 'un. Get it history checked with and go through the service record with a fine tooth comb. If there's anything iffy, walk away. 

Answered by Shane O' Donoghue | 19.07.2017 | Category: Used cars