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Question: Should I buy an E-Class Coupe?

I need to get a new car .But I have a few things to consider etc . I need to consider mpg as I do on average of 700 to 800km a week . Mostly motorway . Running cost service cost . Needs to be some bit aggressive looking nice stance I'm weak for the new E class coupe but I have a little girl only 3 so car seat in back etc . The looks the interior all appeals to me my heart is screaming buy it but my head is saying cope on . Running costs etc alone and resale value would be unrealistic. Doing close to 45000km a yer would mean changing every 2/3 years . Could you point me in the right direction

15.05.2017 | Category: general


Hi Shane,

Well, the E-Class Coupe isn’t the most practical car in the world, but it isn’t silly and you can get kids and car seats in the back. That said, obviously, an E-Class Estate would be a better choice for any growing family, and it’s every bit as good to drive, and as good on the inside, as the Coupe. How about a half-way house, though? What about the Mercedes CLS? You can get it with the frugal 220d diesel engine and it has four doors and reasonable space in the back seats, but it still has much of the swoopy coupe styling that you crave, and it’s really good to drive. 

Answered by Shane O' Donoghue | 22.05.2017 | Category: general