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Range Rover Evoque Review

Question: Is the Evoque expensive to maintain?

I want to buy a Range Rover evoque ranging between 12 - 141 and my mechanic said they are un reliable and the price of parts is costly. I am wondering if this is some what true and what the cons of purchasing this car are. And also what to expect and what to look for when buying one used. THANKS

06.06.2017 | Category: Used cars


Hi Anthony,

The Evoque is not half so unreliable as you might think. In fact, the engines are very robust (suffering only from dual-mass flywheel issues) and the only regular problems are with wear and tear to cabin trim, and minor electrical issues. It is true, though, that parts and servicing can be expensive for them, but then Range Rover is a premium brand, so one would expect to pay extra for that.

Answered by Shane O' Donoghue | 14.06.2017 | Category: Used cars