How long will my Golf last?

How long will my Golf last?

I have a VW Golf TDI 2013 it has 27,187 miles on it. How long can i drive it till before parts start breaking ?

Our answer:

Hi Josiah,

There is no guaranteed, specific answer to this question. Cars have lots of components on them and they can fail either because of poor maintenance, or just because of bad luck and imperfections in their make-up that were built-in during production. The fact of the matter is that some cars are very reliable and give little trouble to their owners of many tens of thousands of kilometres, and others can be more problematic. Your Golf is a solidly built car with a reputation for reliability, and it’s not particularly old by age – it also certainly isn’t a high-miler, either. With careful maintenance and servicing, and accepting you’ll have to replace consumables like tyres, brake pads/discs, bulbs etc, you could easily get 200,000 miles and more out of your Volkswagen.

Shane O'Donoghue

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