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Alfa Romeo Giulietta Review

Question: Are Alfa Romeos reliable?

Are Alfa Romeos reliable? I am tempted to buy a 2015 GIULIETTA bit am worried that the good looks of the car are instead of a decent engine

04.06.2017 | Category: Used cars


Hi Caroline,

The only major issue we’ve heard of with the Giulietta is the gearbox, which can sometimes suffer from synchromesh wear, and can need an expensive replacement job, but as long as you buy one that has no problems with that and has a full service history then you should be fine — it’s actually a pretty robust car. The usual worries over electric gremlins and cabin rattles, but to be honest, pretty much every brand suffers from those at one point or another nowadays. 

Answered by Shane O' Donoghue | 14.06.2017 | Category: Used cars