Nissan Juke Review

Nissan Juke 2015

Our Rating 4 / 5

Nissan aced the market with its family hatchback replacing Qashqai crossover, and it repeated the trick with the supermini-sized Juke a few years later. Bold looks, an off-road stance and supermini-like running costs make the Juke an unsurprising hit, even if its styling is on the divisive side.

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Nissan Pulsar Review

Nissan Pulsar 2015

Our Rating 3 / 5

Nissan gave up on family hatchback sales a while back, focusing instead on building crossovers like the Qashqai and Juke. Thing is, not everyone wants a crossover, so the Pulsar was launched.

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Nissan Note Review

Nissan Note 2015

Our Rating 3.5 / 5

Nissan bundles the Note in with the regular superminis, but it’s more than that, particularly when it comes to space. It might lack fun behind the wheel, but on a space-to-value ratio it’s a tough act to beat, with passenger and luggage space to rival larger family hatchbacks.

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