Superfast Italian food

Superfast Italian food

Nov 24, 2010

Superfast Italian food An Italian restaurant owner in Hemel Hempstead is looking to guarantee that his pizzas arrive piping hot, by delivering them in a 552bhp Lamborghini Gallardo.

Alberto Valotta is allowing one of his incredibly lucky delivery drivers to spend an evening taking orders around in the Italian supercar to celebrate his restaurant's 12th anniversary this Friday.

The delivery service, which is sadly only limited to the residents of Hemel Hempstead, is available for no extra charge on the evening of Friday 26 November, but Alberto's says it can offer it again in the future for "an additional modest surcharge of £700 per delivery".

On 26 November though, not only is there no extra cost for having your dinner arrive in style and at speed, but you get a 10 percent discount on the price of your order. We suspect that Alberto's might be busy on Friday, but there will be one delivery boy who will be happy with that fact at least.