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Ford Focus RS Review

Ford Focus RS 2016

Our Rating 4.5 / 5

Carzone test drives the all-new 2016 Ford Focus RS. The 5-door, 345bhp, 2.3 litres all-wheel drive with dynamic torque vectoring has an outstanding 4 driving modes including our favorite 'Drift Mode'.........

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BMW i3 Review

BMW i3 2016

Our Rating 4 / 5

This month various members of the Carzone team got to drive BMW's exciting electric hatchback, the i3.

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Mazda 3 Review

Mazda 3 2016

Our Rating 4 / 5

We've always liked the Mazda3, but sales in Ireland were stymied somewhat by the fact that the only diesel was a 2.2-litre - and Irish buyers still favour smaller engines. Now with an efficient new 1.5-litre unit under the bonnet it's ready to conquer the C-segment.

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Jeep Grand Cherokee Guide

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2005 - 2010

NCAP Rating 4 / 5

Big, bluff and a little bit crude, the Grand Cherokee represents one of the best metal-for-money equations on the road.

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Kia Optima Guide

Kia Optima 2011 - 2015

NCAP Rating 0 / 5

Kia’s replacement for the unloved old Magentis was slick, sleek and quite sexy, but a bit too focused on the American market for its own good.

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Citroen C4 Guide

Citroen C4 2010 -

NCAP Rating 5 / 5

The second-generation Citroen C4 took a step back from the avant-garde styling of its predecessor and settled on a more conventional, if still handsome, look.

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